Monster Jamz Headphones with ControlTalk

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Jam’n with Jamz Music is Your Life You love your tunes. Goin’ to clubs. Goin’ to concerts. And live music is the bomb. If that’s sounds like you, standard headphones just won’t cut it. Hear Your Favorite Tunes For The First Time There’s gonna be a huge smile on your face the first time you plug in and listen to your Jamz. We’re talking clarity. Punch. Deep deep bass. Crystal Clear Highs. You’ll hear stuff you never heard before. Music! In Your Face and Alive! Biggest Bang for Your Buck Sound quality like this has never been achieved in an in ear headphone at anywhere near this price. Thanks to

  • Will outperform any headphones in the price range.
  • Bright chrome finish on all-metal housing construction.
  • Low profile ControlTalk for full control of your listening experience when using your iPod 3GS and new iPods.
  • Model No. MH JMZ IE CT
  • Advanced driver design for extended full range sound
  • Hard chrome finish keeps headphones shinning
  • Rugged strain relief protects the cable & withstands heavy-duty use
  • Solid, precision-machined single-billet metal housing cancels unwanted vibrations for the purest sound

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Monster Jamz Headphones with ControlTalk

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Monster Jamz Headphones with ControlTalk