Philips ActionFit SHQ4000/28 Neckband Headphones

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These headphones are designed to be sweat-resistant and are even made with antimicrobial materials that will help prevent any funky smells or germs from taking hold of your headphones.  They are even washable, which makes them perfect for working out.  As far as sound quality, the bass response from these headphones is very good and over-emphasized a bit to really let you feel the beat of your favorite tunes.  Although you won’t mistake these for high-end, “audiophile” headphones, the music is quite clear and not overly harsh or tinny sounding, as many headphones in this price range c

Designed with fitness enthusiasts in mind, the Philips ActionFit Neckband headphones offer the high-quality sound and innovative features you need to push your workout to the next level. Three sizes of interchangeable silicone ear caps ensure a comfortable, secure fit while you move. Made with antimicrobial and water-resistant materials, ActionFit headphones feature a water-resistant seal that prevents sweat-related damage and makes them easy to clean. Featuring bass-thumping stereo sound and a lightweight, flexible design, these headphones were created for those who take their music as seriou

  • Philips SHQ4000/28 Neckband Headphones Tuned for Sports
  • Tuned for sports with lightweight fit Constructed with water resistant materials coupled with an anti bacterial agent
  • Flexible lightweight neck ban A 1.2m long cable that is ideal for outdoor use
  • Designed for active use Washable Sweat proof Cable clip
  • Bass thumping stereo sound – fuel for your workout

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Philips ActionFit SHQ4000/28 Neckband Headphones

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Philips ActionFit SHQ4000/28 Neckband Headphones